Wednesday, 15 July 2015

10 reasons to go and see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

I took the Teenager to see this play last night. “This is the one in London where the theatre roof fell down on the audience, right?” he asked on the way there. “Yep, it's doing a tour of the UK now ... we’ll be okay!” We were more than okay. Here’s why you should grab your teen and go. 

1. Walking into the theatre will make you gasp. 
Just a little bit.

2. It’s a surprise-a-minute set. 
“It's using the same technology as that TV programme The Cube, innit?” said The Teenager in the interval.

3. There are two live animals in the play. 
One cute, one not so cute. Oh, and the dead one.

4. You’ll laugh. A lot. 
Christopher Boone is the stage’s version of The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. He even has the T-shirt.

5. It’s not often you see an actor walk up a wall. 
Parkour fans eat your heart out.

6. You’ll never be able to say the word “Battenburg” again in anything other than a Swindon accent. 
Great party trick.

7. Everyone loves a whodunnit solved by kids. 
Think Famous Five meets Harriet the Spy. But darker. Way darker.

9. It makes maths seem almost sexy.

8. You’ll relate to Christopher more than you might think. 
We all have a little bit of Asperger's in us. I mean, can you eat your fried breakfast if the egg and beans are touching? 

10. The End is not the end. 
Don’t jump up from your seat as soon as it finishes. I can’t tell you why. Just don't. 

Visit The Curious Incident's website and buy tickets here
Age guidance 11+ (contains strong language)

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