My articles

I mostly write about family, travel and food. Here's a selection of my articles.

The 13 challenges I set my son when he turned 13.
Fred's modern rite of passage (The Guardian)

Do you say any of these things to your children at the dinner table?!
Is your child a fussy eater? Here's what NOT to say (The Guardian)

Hansel and Gretel house
How about this for your child's birthday party?
Make a life-size Hansel and Gretel house (The Guardian)

A visit to a Turkish bath with my 3-year-old daughter in Istanbul.
A real Turkish bath (The Guardian, scroll down to second article)

50 things to do when you're 50
The 50 mini-challenges I set for my husband for his 50th birthday.
50 things to do when you're 50 (The Guardian)

A bit of a rant.
Why I Want to Rip Up My Child's Reading Journal (The Huffington Post)