Friday, 13 March 2015

Guest interview: “I went to stand-up comedy!”

I talk to William, 9, who went to Comedy Club 4 Kids, a stand-up comedy show for children – without the beer or the rude bits.

What did you think when your mum and dad said you were going to see it?
Well, I didn't really know what stand-up comedy meant. Now I know it means they stand up a lot and you laugh a lot.

But it’s just one man on an empty stage with a microphone. Isn’t that a bit boring?
No, it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. There’s less to look at than normal, but it’s not about the things that are on the stage. It’s what they’re saying.
by Isabelle Adam
So what kind of things did they talk about?
Like about SATS tests, the bit on the first page where it says Don’t write on this page but they’ve already written on it and broken the rules ... and about his cat accidentally sending emails ... and his mum being deaf ... and there was a bit where the man asked a kid his name and he thought he said “Jellygo” ... and yeah, things like that.

Do you know what 'heckle' means?

It's when the audience shout out things to the comedian. Did that happen?
Yes, a LOT. My dad told me not to shout so loud because it was going in the boy’s ears in front of me but I really wanted the man to overhear me because then I could tell him my name and he might make up something funny about it.
by Isabelle Adam
Do you think the comedians minded kids shouting out?
No, because it made it funny. You’d get told off if you did that in school though. You have to put your hand up.

In stand-up comedy for grown-ups, the comedians often use a lot of rude words. What was the rudest word you heard at this show?
I didn’t hear ANY ... Oh, except “bumberry”. The boy said “Banbury” but the man didn’t hear it right and it became “bumberry” and then that became another word for a No.2.
by Isabelle Adam
What was the funniest bit?
When the man pulled your finger and it made a fart sound and he said he could tell your future from it.

What did he say your future was?
“Every time you fart, you’ll make a weird face.”

How could they make the show even better?
Get more acts and make it longer. I could have stayed till … I don’t know … 4 o’ clock. [= another half hour!]
by Isabelle Adam
Which would you rather do: Watch a funny film or go to stand-up comedy?
Well, my favourite funny film is Funnymores but I’d rather go to stand-up comedy.

Which would you rather do: Go to a pantomime or go to stand-up comedy? 
Stand-up comedy. Definitely. Oh, but …

What is it?
At a pantomime, they throw sweets out.

Comedy Club 4 Kids do shows at various venues around the country. They also run comedy workshops where children can learn the art of stand-up themselves! Visit their website here.


  1. Great idea. When Digger is a little older well certainly by going there. I love the prediction of fart = weird face. I wish al old gipsies would read that sort of things in their crystal balls.

    1. Recommended for age 6 and up, Sarah. Yes, those crystal ball readers need to lighten up, eh?!

  2. Well, I never heard of stand up for kids but I think it's a fabulous idea!

    1. And it's so much easier to make kids laugh than adults. They certainly don't need the beer - they arrive at the gig naturally tipsy!